Tours of the Winery

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Live a unique experience: discover how a farm of the past works, look closely at a self-sufficient production cycle and taste the typical wines of Langhe and Roero with us!

We are a family run business, like those of the past. Each of us takes charge of specific tasks, but we help each other in every area of production.

For this reason, you will always find a member of the Rabino family welcoming you: my wife Daniela and Adelaide, the main people in charge of the reception, are replaced when necessary by me or by my son Paolo.

The tour of our winery is an exchange, an opportunity to show the background of our work: be curious, be motivated.

We will build together a tour that is tailored to your interests.

We’ll start from the panoramic point, for an overview of the area

At the entrance of our property you are welcomed in a panoramic square, where a brief explanation of the company philosophy introduces the visit.

All the vineyards are of property, facing south – south / west to ensure optimal ripeness, and located within a radius of 4 km. Near the farm you can see some of the oldest rows, especially those of Nebbiolo, planted over 80 years ago.

From this panoramic point it is easy to perceive the subdivision of the land between vineyard, orchards, pasture and wood, which merge under your eyes in a varied ecosystem.

After the walk in the vineyards, with a detailed explanation of the characteristics of the soil and climate, we move to the farm.

“Ours is a diversified company, which boasts a self-sufficient production cycle: the breeding of Piedmontese breed cattle, fruit-growing and wine production merge into a balanced and sustainable system.”


Passing through the courtyard you are led into the stable, split over two levels.

The upper part is dedicated to fattening, while below, in the nursery, the 50 mares graze in the wild with their calves.

Our livestock currently counts 220 heads, and actively contributes in the self-production system with the supply at “km 0” of natural fertilizer for the vineyard.


Once we’ve illustrated the breeding process we move to the wine-making rooms.

This area is also developed on several levels: in the courtyard, in front of the stable, the most recent part is used for machinery and the bottling system: here the wine is born and ends.

Cellar: a meeting place between tradition and experimentation

After an explanation of the various machines we take you to the historic cellar, built at the end of the 18th century, which still looks like its original self.

In the cellar you can really tell the great importance we give to the teachings of our ancestors: barrels of different sizes and nature alternate, some new, others recovered and brought to new life.

In wood we age Roero DOCG and Barbera d’Alba DOC: we only use large barrels, avoiding barriques and tonneaux that we believe influence too much the aromatic characteristics of the final product.

After showing you the charm of this space that has stopped in time…

…giving you the opportunity to browse through the hidden labels, we make a final stop before continuing with the tasting: a small crutin, recently resurrected, where the signs of the picks that dug the tuff are still visible.


The guided tasting

The tour was long, the notions learnt were many: it is now time to discover what the ending result of all this work is!

The tasting includes 4 or 5 glasses of wine of your choice, combined with cold cuts, hazelnuts and preserves of our production.

Along with these pairings we also offer a plate of cheese, which is the only element of the whole tasting that isn’t produced by us! We still make sure to buy it from local high quality producers.

The tasting costs 15,00€ per person.

With the tasting we end the tour of our little world, that of the Rabino family. We hope we’ve managed to instill in you the care and gratitude we feel towards our territory, that is always placed first in every step of our production.

That of the tasting also wants to be a moment of confrontation, in which you give us your feedbacks and comments matured after spending a couple hours with us.

And why not, a moment of sharing, to toast together to the delights that Roero can give us.

Useful information

1. Which wines can be tasted during the visit?

The tasting includes 4 glasses of wine.

2. How much does the visit cost?

The visit has a cost of € 15.00 per person and includes the pairing with products of our company: cold cuts, hazelnuts and fruit preserves. We also offer a taste of cheeses that we buy from a small local producer.

3. How big can the groups be?

We can accommodate up to 25 people.

4. Is there a parking lot?

Yes, the farm’s courtyard has ample parking, which is also suitable for campers and coaches.

5. In which language can you do the tour?

The visit can be done in Italian, English, French and, upon request, in German.

6. Can we bring our pet?

Your pets are welcome, as long as they are docile to other animals :-)

7. Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major payment cards.

8. Is it possible to book wine / products during the visit and have them shipped at home?

Yes, we carry out home delivery of wines purchased locally or by telephone order.

9. What are the visiting hours?

11:00 / 14:30 / 16:30 – We are closed on the following days: Easter, Easter Monday, August 15th, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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