Roero Arneis DOCG Vintage 2022

Tasting Notes

 Straw yellow colour with reflexes tending to green.

In the nose, you can perceive the aromas of fresh fruits, such as peach, apple, and banana.

It is not a wine of simple approach, yet, when tasting it, you can appreciate its complex structure, since it shows freshness, thanks to the supple acidity, and, at the same time, it is balanced and appealing on the palate.

It is the ideal drink to accompany fish recipes, fresh hors-d’oeuvre and starters, and as aperitif, but it can be very pleasant even with vegetables, white meat, and cheese.

Rabino Luigi -Roero Arneis DOCG

Roero Arneis DOCG

It is the most typical grape variety of Roero.

Its seems to have origin just in the Municipality of Canale, since the name Arneis derives from the alteration of the place name Renesio, Renexi, one of the most picturesque hills of this territory.

The name Arneis in our dialect also means a grouchy and naughty person.

The history of this variety is uncertain, but we know that already in 17th century the winemakers planted some stocks of this variety in the rows of Nebbiolo so that the birds could peck its juicy and sweet berries instead of the more valuable red grapes.

In 20th century, Arneis was vinified as a sweet wine. Our grandfather told us that during World War II our wine estate produced and filtered 40-45 ”brente” (equivalent to 50 litres each) of Arneis.

Later on, in the 60s some brave wine-makers thought that they could make the best of the potentiality of this variety creating another type of wine, so they started producing it as a dry wine, with the same method used for champagne, and, in a short time, they could obtain a top quality product.

Since 1979, our wine estate has been producing a Spumante from Arneis variety, obtained from selected grapes of the best vineyards.

In fact, the hills chosen for this production are those with the best exposure ensuring optimal ripening, colours of the grapes from green to golden tones, and intense aroma.

The hills are Bricco Novara, stretching around the buildings of our wine estate, Val Capun, Ca’ di Carli, and Bricco Renesio, that in 2015 was included in the zone belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage.

Thanks to its intense scent originated from the aromatic notes and its richness in body and good structure, Arneis is regarded as the King of the whites of Piedmont.

It differs from other whites thanks to its long life, in fact, it is ready to be put on the market already in the spring following the harvest but it can maintain its characteristics for some years after the bottling.

Basic Information

Product name: Roero Arneis DOCG

Cépage: Arneis

Appellation: Roero Arneis

Classification: DOCG

Color: white

Type: still

Country/Region: Canale, CN, Piemonte

Vintage: 2022

Alcool percentage: 13,5%

Sugar rate: 0

Number of bottles produced: 3,000


Method: after the harvest, the grapes are de-stemmed and then pressed. Fermentation with the use of natural yeasts takes place in steel tanks in which the temperature can be controlled

Temperature: 15° temperature-controlled

Lenght: 25 days

Minimum aging in bottle: 5 months


% of Grape/Cépage: 100% Arneis

Soil: medium mixture

Exposure: south-west

Agricultural method: eco friendly

Year of plantation: 1990

Date of harvest: early September

Type of harvest: manual in boxes

Chemical Analysis

Dry extract [g/l]: 20

Total acidity [g/l of tartaric acid equivalent]: 5

Volatile acidity [g/l acetic acid equivalent]: 0.3

Total SO2[mg/l]:60

Free SO2[mg/l]:


Number of bottles per box: 6

Box size: length 24, width 16, height 30


Empty bottle weight: 450 g

Aging potential: 2 / 3 years

Cork size: 24×44 mm

Cork material: turacciolo Normacorc, derived from sustainable, renewable sugarcane-based raw materials

Bottle type: Bordolese

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