Vino Chinato

Tasting Notes

Defined as a meditation wine, it goes perfectly with chocolate.

At the nose we can perceive hints of spices and cinchona, due to the skilful maceration that the grapes undergo.

Rabino Luigi - Vino Chinato

Basic Information

Product name: Chinato

Cépage: Nebbiolo



Color: red

Type: still

Country/Region: Canale, CN, Piemonte

Vintage: 2018

Alcool percentage: 16.5%

Sugar rate: 30g

Number of bottles produced: 1,000


Method: after the harvest, it is destemmed and pressed.The fermentation takes place in steel tanks and during these periods delestage is done in order to extract all its color but without losing it of its typical fragrance. When the wine is ready, it is sent to the distillery, where herbs selected by the oenologist and the china calissaia are infused

Temperature: 28 °C temperature-controlled


% of Grape/Cépage: 100% Nebbiolo

Soil: medium mixture

Exposure: southwest

Agricultural method: eco friendly

Year of plantation: 1982

Date of harvest: end of September / early October

Type of harvest: manual in boxes

Chemical Analysis

Dry extract [g/l]: 27

Total acidity [g/l of tartaric acid equivalent]: 5

Volatile acidity [g/l acetic acid equivalent]: 0.4

Total SO2[mg/l]: 50

Free SO2[mg/l]:


Number of bottles per box: 6

Box size: length 24, width 16, height 30


Empty bottle weight: 360 g

Aging potential: 6 years

Cork material: turacciolo Normacorc, derived from sustainable, renewable sugarcane-based raw materials

Bottle type: Bordolese

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